In our article in June 2016, ‘Some promising early signs of Renaissance in Africa’, we wrote about the transformation taking place in Tanzania since Dr John Magufuli became President  in November 2015.

We are privileged to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Cape Town has no written history before 1488 when it was mentioned by the Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Dias, followed in 1497 by Vasco da Gama while searching for a sea route between Europe and Asia

There are some promising signs that have potential to bring true renaissance to parts of Africa. However, history has taught us to be cautious because leaders have at times won elections on the platform of change, anti-corruption and putting the people above the self interest of leaders but in a number of cases these have later proved to be hollow promises

Africa is a continent with enormous potential, much of which has not been exploited for the benefit of Africans. Vast mineral deposits have not yet been exploited and where they have been mined this has not always benefitted Africa as it should. In many other ways Africa’s potential is being held back and there is a growing awareness that we need new approaches to solving problems. In fact Africa needs ‘renaissance’.


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